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Our mission statement is simple: we want to create the next generation standards in web development. We offer solutions from software solutions coded in C++, Java, plus a wide range of web coding in PHP, DevOps methodology, HTML5 app development.
We have a wide range of enterprise offers that can be negotiated with our clients in creating the right product that will be in accordance with customer needs. We specialize in reducing costs and improving user interface experiences which enable our clients to expand their profits in the online and build business trust.
Mastermind Software Ltd. provides top quality software development services for any client who reaches out to us for assistance in growing their business in the digital field. The internet is fueled by powerful coding and unique approaches that take your experience to the next level.
All this code is united by one single procedure which is, if you what to think of it like a recipe which combines development, QA and operations.


Receiving a Java framework on top of your app working servers at an enterprise scalability can become reality in your timesheet milestones. Various apps based on this language can help you automate business procedures, facilitate collaboration between various departments within your company and can ease your capacity of managing data that flows between your internal structure and your clients.

Integration services that we provide infrastructure designing and implementation with near real-time data analysis are a major asset that we provide to each of our clients. We deliver high-quality software engineering by mastering five main areas that make us the right choice for you: client focus, an eye on industry trends and programming scripting.

Java-based HTML-generated Web apps

Java product development consultancy

SaaS development for businesses

Integrations with Server Development MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL

Java integrated with CSS with databases for data representation

Java Software development and design

Coverage numerous industries

Developing tools: MS VC++, GCC, Make, Autoconf

Libraries: Win32 API, GDI, ATL, GLIBC, BOOST

Consultancy in producing business apps for automation

Production based on needs and continuous integration

Cross platform coding: Windows, Linux, iOS


Maybe we comply with the latest development and tech standards, but we couldn’t go on without good old fashion C++ programming. Outsourcing your C/C++ app development to us, you will receive attention from a team that has worked with clients from all over the world. We assure well-tailored and multitasking software by embracing the best practices in project management from Lean and Agile methodologies. This will keep your product up to date with the latest trends and/or market change requirements.

In this area we encompass the development of the software by verifying, developing, transferring and maintaining. Organizational objectives will be attained when the soft is fully functional and you can start harvesting its functionalities.

HTML5 applications development

As we thrive in rendering innovative apps that can become viral in usage from a wide range of potential customers and also existing. Our leading web dev team offers a dynamic application services for web based programs. We have an in-house trained UI/UX team that can create attractive and intuitive user experiences for cross device usage. Our main focus combining new gen styles and meeting client’s needs. Don’t miss out on new experiences and new possibilities with the language that became the key of the internet.
Connected with APIs, apps can become more powerful and reach new markets which in return put you in contact with new clients and expand your business. Our team can assist you in expanding in the mobile world.

Customizable layout with combined HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

HTML5 friendly UI and widget development

Fluid design for scaling on various types of displays

HTML5 Plugin Development

Supporting and blending with new technologies and coding

HTML5 Prototyping

PHP development

PHP has a wide range of uses in developing web based solutions and can become a powerful tool when it’s combined with HTML. If you’re a small business or don’t have the budget for expensive acquisitions in this sector, PHP can be cost efficient and easily scalable. At Mastermind Software Ltd. you can receive PHP development for secure and highly responsive applications linked with your requirements.
From websites to powerful web apps, in PHP programing there are no limits in creating new solutions in any domain or sector of businesses. Bonded with web design and years of experience in working in this domain, our team will create a fully customized product. Also, they have a fully functional procedure in PHP integration with SQL Servers, big data platforms like Hadoop and many others.

Offering support and maintenance

Responsive design with PHP, HTML 5

Migration of existing apps on local secured servers

Product based on PHP Consulting

Custom PHP app development

Custom PHP web development

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DevOps solutions and enterprise perspective

DevOps unites people from numerous types of coding fields and technologies delivering continuous assets to your users. Adopting DevOps optimizes deliveries and rapidly transforms ideas into powerful applications. Mastermind Software Ltd. has a wide range of capabilities and methods in accelerating innovation and maximizing revenue from software implementation.
Combining Agile methodologies with DevOps improves development through continuous testing and transparent delivery which is always maintained in milestone parameters. This technique of management is oriented towards satisfying customer needs and finding new ways time consuming activities.

Outsourcing IT services

Export your IT services and reduce your IT costs and access new technologies that before were too expensive for your business. Our team offers cost efficient support 24/7 and full network management. You will reduce costs from capital expenses, training expenses for your staff members, security expenditure and management and depending on your requirements many other facilities.